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Slide each tile to form a group of four or more and collect contained items.
Be careful: this can block your next move!

How to play:

The gameplay is similar to the 15 slide puzzle game and consists in sliding the tiles to group them by type. They can be moved only if adjacent to empty spaces.

When you group four or more tiles, the elements they contain are collected and they becomes blocks and the puzzle solution harder. You can not slide anymore a block.

This makes it more difficult to collect the maximum number of elements present in a level, since there is a risk that by collecting new elements, blocks will be formed which therefore prevent the collection of other elements or you are no longer able to slide tiles and you must restart the puzzle.

To collect more than four tiles it is necessary to place them carefully, since otherwise when you slide the last one you may form a block of four unwanted tiles that could make it impossible to proceed in the game.

Game level goal:

Each level has a goal to achieve, in the absence of which the results collected during the game are not recorded.

Type of tiles in each game level:

When you get normal items, you can earn coins:
• Cherries , lamps and boxes are worth 1 coin each.
• Shamrocks 2 coins each.
• Potion flask 3 coins each.
• The Peace and love symbol 4 coins each.

Tiles with a star are special in entire the puzzle game: they are present in all levels and allow to classify the result reached for the level.
In fact, it is possible to reach 1, 2 or 3 stars for each game level.

You get 3 stars when you collect all the tiles with a star. If you collect all but one you get 2 stars. If you collect all but two you get 1 star. In all other cases stars are not obtained for the level.

The stars collected are used to access new worlds, each containing new ingenious levels to play.

Play for stars, or for coins.. always for fun 😉

Every time you play this puzzle game you can do it with different goals: you can get all the stars you want, or earn many coins as you need, or simply you can play this slide puzzle game just for fun and to enjoy it.


• Each level can be up to 7 x 7 tiles.
• 6 different types of tiles containing goods .
• 1 special type of tile (stars).
• You can play any level in a world.
• You must earn stars to unlock and access any new game world.
• The goal is guaranteed for all the puzzle levels.
• More new features is coming, all will be alwais free.

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